How many Xorel Artform shapes are there?

Xorel Artform offers 18 shapes in a variety of scales and 3 dimensional options.

How should I specify Xorel Artform?
  1. Specify Shape
  2. Specify Size(s) (Small, Medium, Large and/or XLarge)
  3. Specify Substrate(s)(Quiet-Core™, Quiet-Core Plus™, or Mi-Core™)
  4. Specify Installation Method
  5. Specify Fabric(s)
  6. Specify # of boxes
Are there samples?

Xorel® fabric memo samples can be ordered here.

Paper templates can be ordered through [email protected].

Quality samples can be loaned.

Mockups can be provided for large specified projects.

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How is Xorel Artform made?

By the use of computer aided manufacturing machines. Artform shapes are cut then hand upholstered with Xorel® by skilled workers with 30+ years of experience.

Where are Xorel Artform panels made?

Xorel Artform is made in New York, USA.

How are the panels sold?

Xorel Artform is sold in box sets.

Box sets include panels that are the same shape, size, substrate, fabric and color. Installation materials and printed installation guides are also included. For more information view our Pricing page

What is the lead time?

General lead time is approx 4 to 6 weeks.

Are the side edges exposed on the panels?

No, the panel’s edges are fabric wrapped—all the way around to the back of the panel.

If a somewhat transparent white Xorel® fabric is specified, will the substrate be visible behind it?

For transparent fabrics there’s a white liner available for the Quiet-Core™ substrate. Mi-Core™ is not available with a liner so it may change the fabric color slightly.

Is there square ft pricing?

Square foot pricing is completely up to the designer. Xorel Artform is a flexible design system which can span a wide range of budget needs based on Design, Creativity and Composition. Cost is relative to the area that’s covered and the shape size affects coverage and cost.

Is there a warranty for Xorel Artform?

We warranty Xorel Artform panels for a period of 5 years from purchase date. Any Xorel Artform panels that are defective in workmanship or materials (adhesive, velcro or ceiling suspension hardware*) will be replaced at no charge. Ordinary wear and tear, unacceptable temperature/humidity variation, poor installation methodology and abuse or neglect is excluded.

*Correct installation method must be used for warranty to be in force. Panels must be used within standard industry limitations.

How do you clean Xorel Artform?

Xorel Artform can be cleaned using the same water and/or solvent based cleaners as our standard Xorel® fabric offerings, and is bleach cleanable. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or over wet the substrate as it may adversely affect the fabric tension, panel alignment and/or bond.

How do I go about a custom request?

Send all details to Xorel Artform Design Ally at [email protected]

What is Quiet-Core™?

Quiet-Core™ is a high performance acoustical substrate. It is a formaldehyde free substrate and has a lining on the back of the panel for easy handling.

Is Quiet-Core™ tackable?

Quiet-Core™ is not recommended for tackable use.

What is Quiet-Core Plus (TM)?

Quiet-Core Plus is a tackable and acoustical solution. Constructed with a 1/8" high density substrate of inorganic minerals & wool blend fastened to the face of the standard Quiet-Core substrate. This panel provides tackability and exceptional acoustical performance. It's also ideal for high traffic areas.

What is Mi-Core™?

Mi-Core™ is a dense mineral fiberboard made of inorganic materials.

When should Mi-Core™ be used?

Mi-Core™ is great when you need to be able to tack objects to the panels. Since it’s a dense material, Mi-Core™ is also recommended in high traffic areas where people may bump into the panels often.

Is Mi-Core™ acoustical?

Mi-Core™ is only moderately acoustical—it has an NRC rating of 0.3 wrapped in Xorel®.

What is NRC?

NRC stands for the Noise Reduction Coefficient. It measures how much sound the panel absorbs.

What is the NRC rating for Xorel Artform baffles?

NRC rating of 1.05.

What is the NRC rating of Xorel Artform with the Quiet-Core™ substrate?

Has an NRC rating of 0.7 (70% of sound is absorbed).

What is the NRC rating of Xorel Artform with the Quiet-Core Plus (TM) substrate?

NRC rating of 0.8 (up to 80% of sound is absorbed).

How many panels are necessary to effectively reduce the noise in a space?

Carnegie can only provide the NRC for Xorel Artform panels. Acoustical test results for can be found on Technical Documents page.

The Quiet-Core™ substrate has an NRC of 0.70 when wrapped with Xorel®. Determining how much noise will be absorbed or mitigated cannot be done without considering all materials in a space; Hard Surfaces (ex. glass, concrete, etc), Soft Surfaces (ex. carpet, drapery, etc) as well as the size of the space. An evaluation like this can only be done by an Acoustician or Acoustical Engineering Company.

Can you use Mi-Core™ and Quiet-Core™ on the same wall?

Both substrates can be used on the same wall.

What are the panel thicknesses?

Quiet-Core™ is available in 1” thickness and Quiet-Core Plus™ is available in 1 1/8” thickness. Mi-Core™ is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thickness. Artform 3D panels are 1 7/8” thick.

Are Artform 3D shapes tackable?

Artform 3D is available in the Quiet-Core™ substrate and Quiet-Core™ is not recommended for tackable use.

How do you install Xorel Artform?

Xorel Artform is very easy to install using any one of the following installation methods:

  • Quick Grab Method (for wall and ceiling flush mounting)
  • Quick Grab Concrete Method (for wall and ceiling flush mounting)
  • Velcro Method (for wall flush mounting ONLY)
  • 3M Command Strip Method (for wall flush mounting ONLY)
  • Horizontal Suspension - Tiled (for tiling 3 or more suspended panels together)
  • Horizontal Suspension - Individual (for suspending panels individually)
  • Vertical Suspension (for suspending baffles)

Installation materials are included with every shipment. In most cases, all an installer needs is a laser/level, caulk gun and hammer. Installation guides for all of the above methods can be found on Installation page.

What is the Quick Grab adhesive?

The Quick Grab adhesive is a construction adhesive that is VOC compliant, with very low odor, so there is little to no off gassing. It fits standard caulk guns for an easy installation.

Who installs Xorel Artform?

Panel subcontractors, wallcovering subcontractors, painting subcontractors and facility maintenance companies.

Are there installers that specialize in Xorel Artform?

Yes, you can search Preferred Installers here.

How long does Xorel Artform take to install?

2 walls approx, 10’ x 10’, can be installed in as little as one day. This minimizes installation costs.

Are there installation instructions?

Printed installation instructions are included in every box shipment. These instructions can also be downloaded here.

Can Xorel Artform be used directly on concrete?

Xorel Artform can be installed on flat and smooth concrete surfaces using our Quick Grab Concrete installation method. Textured surfaces could potentially result in an uneven installation.

Can panels be mounted on the ceiling?

Xorel Artform can be mounted sheetrock and concrete ceilings using our Quick Grab and Quick Grab Concrete installation methods.

Will the wall be damaged if panels are taken down?

Our 3M Command Strip method allows panels to be taken down without damaging the wall. The rest of our installation methods are permanent and if panels are removed from the wall/ceiling refinishing will be necessary.

Can Xorel Artform be installed on curved walls?

Xorel Artform is not designed to be installed on curved walls as the back of our panels are flat and not flexible when it comes to rounded/curved areas.

Can Xorel Artform be cut on site?

If the purpose of cutting the panels is for an outlet box/recessed lighting, yes, Artform can be cut in the field. Artform should not be cut for any other reason (Ex. Scored and folded to fit a slight angle/corner, cutting to fit panels flush to the floor/ceiling/corners, etc). Cutting panels on site for these reasons will void the warranty.

Can Xorel Artform be installed on Plaster Walls?

Yes, Xorel Artform can be installed on plaster walls using the Quick Grab Installation Method.

Can artwork be installed on Xorel Artform?

A lightweight piece of artwork (under 10 lbs) can be installed on the Mi-Core™ substrate only.

Can Xorel Artform be suspended from ceilings?

Artform can be suspended from ceilings using the Ceiling Suspension installation method. Installation instructions for this method can be found here.

Can Artform baffles be horizontally suspended?

Xorel Artform baffles are designed to be vertically suspended, however most of the Artform shapes available for wall application can be suspended in a horizontal orientation.

What's the shortest length a cable / hanging rod can be cut to when installing a horizontally suspended panel?

For horizontally suspended tiled panels, 8" minimum. For horizontally suspended individual panels, 12" minimum.

What's the shortest length a cable / hanging rod can be cut to when installing a baffle?

3" minimum.

Can other fabrics besides the Xorel® fabrics listed be used on Xorel Artform?

Additional Xorel® and Carnegie textiles allow for endless custom possibilities. Contact your Sales Representative or Xorel Artform Services for all inquiries and cost projections. The Carnegie Creative Studio can assist in realizing your Artform vision.

Can custom shapes be created?

A custom shape concept can be submitted for review. Product engineers review the concept for proper tiling functions and if the custom shape can be upholstered properly quotes can be generated. Minimums and design/mock up fee will apply and vary based on request.

Can the shapes be cut in half—vertically and horizontally?

Half and quarter shapes are available as customs for shapes Circle, Diamond, Hex, Tall Hex and Waveline. Minimums and mock fees will apply and vary based on request.

Can Xorel Artform panels go flush from floor to ceiling, flush side to side on a wall?

Unlike “plain” standard wall panels (ie 4 x 8 rectangles) Xorel Artform panel shapes are not designed to fit flush. Much like “art”, Xorel Artform panels are set within the wall space. The placement and measurements for application are under the direction of the specifier.

Are Artform baffles available without the bottom seam?

The seam is a result of the uniqueness of Carnegie's Baffle Collection where our panels are two sided and it is encouraged to use textiles that compliment each other creating innovative design solutions.

Can more than 1 color be used on a baffle?

Up to 2 colors per box can be specified on baffles.

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