Fast and easy to install with little disruption or major clean up, Xorel Artform is the optimal solution to address post - occupancy acoustical issues.


Quick Grab Method:
Sheetrock Mounted

Recommended for application on sheetrock walls and ceilings

Velcro Method:
Sheetrock Wall Mounted

Recommended for application on painted/smooth walls only

Quick Grab Concrete Method:
Concrete Wall/Ceiling Mounted

Recommended for application on concrete walls and ceilings

Ceiling Suspension Method

For application on ceilings



How do you install the panels?

There are 4 installation methods available for Xorel Artform:

  • Quick Grab Method (for wall and ceiling mounting)
  • Quick Grab Concrete Method (for wall and ceiling mounting)
  • Velcro Method (for wall mounting ONLY)
  • Ceiling Suspension Method

Installion guides for all of the above methods can be found on Installation page.

Are there installers that specialize in Xorel Artform?

Yes, you can search Preferred Installers here.

How long does Xorel Artform take to install?

2 walls approx, 10’ x 10’, can be installed in as little as one day. This minimizes installation costs.

Are there installation instructions?

Printed installation instructions are included in every box shipment. These instructions can also be downloaded here.

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To ensure complete customer satisfaction and achieve superior installation results, a Preferred Installer Network of vetted and trained professionals expert in the capabilities, ordering and installation practice of Xorel Artform is available as an added service.

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