Xorel Artform is offered in 16 individual standard shapes, a variety of scales, and 3Dimensional options. Mix and match fabrics, colors, and thicknesses for an additional level of detail.

Xorel ArtForm Substrates


This acoustical substrate is sound absorbing, formaldehyde free, and manufactured with 20% Post Consumer recovered materials. It is available in a 1” thickness. ASTM E84 Class A / Class 1.


Fabric wrapped with Xorel and no airspace between panel and wall.

Thickness 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz NRC
1” .35 .97 .91 1.10 .70

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Circle 3D assortment package also available. Circle Kit is a box set of 6 circle sizes: 2 S / 2 M / 1 L / 1 XL

Circle 3D

Circle 3D

Circle Kit

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Xorel Artform is covered in Xorel, a high performance interior textile. Available in more than 350 colors, patterns and textures.

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