Xorel Artform: Better Sounding Graphic Solution

Designer: Alexis Proceller, Tuller/McNealus/Feld LLC

Location: R3, New York, NY

Shapes used: Square, Plank, Waveline, Waveline 3D


Design Challenge:
When tech company, R3 moved into a new space they quickly realized the existing conference rooms were in need of an acoustical solution that also made an impactful visual statement.

Design Solution:
To accomplish this they turned to Alexis Proceller Tuller/McNealus/Feld LLC who introduced them to Xorel Artform. “They were starting with a blank canvas of white walls, grey carpet and egg crate acoustic tiles on the wall. This client is a techy company and wanted to spruce it up a bit in a creative yet functional way”. From a Design perspective Proceller realized they could have fun making each conference room look unique by using a variety of available shapes, colors and layouts. To help save billable hours when it came to developing each of these configuration and palettes, she tapped into Xorel Artform’s complimentary layout service, Design Ally.

Easy Installation:
Quick and non-disruptive installation was important for this project since the client already occupied the space. Proceller opted for the Velcro installation method and was impressed with the ease of installation.

“I was pleased with how simple it was to install and work around unexpected conditions like outlets and switches. If there was a plug we could simply leave out a panel or shift the design a bit. Unlike other products where you have to use a track system or clips, the velcro method allowed us to manipulate the design on site as we wished.”

I was pleased with how simple it was to install and work around unexpected conditions like outlets and switches.

The ease of installation also meant that they didn’t have to hire yet another tradesperson to hang the panels. “The same person who did the painting and workstation installation took care of the Xorel Artform.”

End Result:
“Xorel Artform is a great product. The client loved the look. Especially that we were able to achieve a different look in each space. In fact, they are going to install Xorel Artform in 3 more of their offices and their pantry area.”






April 2020

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