Xorel Artform is a versatile acoustical tiling system that combines the premier high performance interior textile Xorel with proven acoustical functionality. Available in 16 shapes, a variety of sizes, 3 dimensional options and over 350 Xorel colors, patterns, and textures, a multitude of wall designs can be created bringing artfulness and performance to any interior

Xorel Artform

An Artful Design Solution

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The premiere high performance textile

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How should I specify Xorel Artform?
  1. Specify Shape
  2. Specify Size(s) (Small, Medium, Large and/or XLarge)
  3. Specify Substrate(s)(Quiet-Core™ or Mi-Core™)
  4. Specify Installation Method (Quick Grab, Quick Grab Concrete or Velcro)
  5. Specify Fabric(s)
  6. Specify # of boxes
Where are Xorel Artform panels made?

Xorel Artform is made in New York, USA.

How are the panels sold?

Xorel Artform is sold in box sets.

Box sets include panels that are the same shape, size, substrate, fabric and color. Installation materials and printed installation guides are also included. For more information view our Pricing page

What is the lead time?

General lead time is approx 3 to 4 weeks or less.